Whether it's your first time in a Pilates studio, or you're a seasoned pro, looking for a home studio, Team Pilates has something for anyone looking for a dynamic total body workout.

Hands on, ONE on ONE PERSONAL TRAINING IN EVERY CLASS or SESSION!  Whether you are in a private session or group class, at TEAM PILATES, we boast small class sizes and INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION...it's not about quantity...it's about QUALITY!  We have highly trained practitioners specializing in such areas as prenatal and postpartum exercise, post rehabilitation, PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION, osteoporosis, SCOLIOSIS, and sexual abuse. 

VOTED BEST PILATES STUDIO IN SPOKANE and ONE OF THE TOP YOGA STUDIOS, led by team leader, Angelie Melzer, formerly a professional ballerina, our TEAM is dedicated to your health and well being and is made up of a highly qualified staff including a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer and Bone and Healthy Spine Specialist.  And now with the addition of PILATES LIVE ONLINE, you don't even have to leave your home to be with us!

The Team Pilates Barre and Yoga staff is dedicated to maintaining a safe, comfortable environment for you to experience the best in Pilates, YOGA and BARRE exercises and training and boasting classic Pilates equipment such as Trapeze, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and a wall of permanent Springboards. Our beautiful new ballet barre accommodates classes such as Glutelates and the "all the rage" BARRE classes.  WE also have the BODHI SUSPENSION SYSTEM...think TRX meets PILATES with the ONLY 4 point suspension system in Spokane!

Crazy strong and powerful, that's what you'll come away experiencing in your body!


Class sizes are small, most ranging from 4-6 participants so you're never lost in the crowd.  Each Team Pilates Barre and Yoga staff member is dedicated to making sure you get the most from each minute you spend in the studio.  Our ultimate priority is your comfort and safety.  We believe that Pilates is a life altering experience that will truly transform your body into it's healthiest state.  Let us help you reach the next level of fitness, proper alignment and posture, tone and overall well being.