"Ballet (Barre) inspired classes out there are all designed for one purpose: to help you achieve a slim, strong, sculpted dancer’s body.  The celeb fan base is huge: Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Anna Paquin, Kelly Ripa…just to name a few.  Expect a lot of reps of small, pulsing movements (we’re talking lifting and lowering limbs a mere inch or two), targeting the muscles in your core and lower body (many classes also hit your top half), with big emphasis on form and alignment. They sometimes throw in a bevy of other props, too, like yoga straps, exercise balls and hand weights. In any case, you will hurt after the first few classes, but you’ll also probably see some pretty major results in short order." - Huffington Post Review







Sexy, Fun and Firming!  Come sculpt, tone, and align your entire body while you melt away the calories. Body Barre is rooted in Pilates, Yoga and Dance. This version of Barre class has built a reputation in the fitness industry as the SAFEST Barre class available and is backed by Balanced Body (the leading name in the Pilates industry for equipment and education) and based on the Boston Body Barre method.



If you like Body Barre, you will be blown away by Ultimate Body Barre. Step up the pace, more cardio, more reps, more calories burned off your booty!



Baby Barre is a fun way to play with your babe while you workout and get some adult social interaction! Triple the fun! This workout will include you and your baby interacting (they get to be your free weights). Same Barre fun with ab toning, thigh firming and cardio blast...just with your sidekick included!  Open to babies ages 0-2 years old.



Kids Barre will give your child the perfect outlet for all of their post-school energy. Whether they just need to move or they are training for a specific sport, this class will be perfect. It includes weight training, upper and lower body toning and cardio. Open to ages 6-14 years old. FYI: For those older teens, Teen Barre is coming in the summer of 2013!



Always wanted to "look and feel like a ballerina". Well now you can! This fun, and effective Ballet Barre is for the complete novice (so don't be intimidated) or those with past dance experience that just plain "miss" it! Join us as we melt the calories away doing our demi-plie!